Yanfly Message : part 2

remember to see part 1.. I don’t give the movie again..
I assume you already install it.. by install it.. you already use Yanfly option like text skip. How to skip? use page down button
if not.. go to http://yanfly.moe/yep/

remember the term of use

Other feature you can use

  • name box
  • outline
  • font
  • command
  • text option
  • actor
  • party
  • database


Well.. when talk to someone important.. you will need her/his name show.. if talk to citizen.. You don’t need to show the name.

previous.. I would take 1 line for name. 3 line for message.. now.. you can have all line (4) for your message and the name would be popup (show) in above

by type \n<pogemon> ..pogemon name would show up

go to center

go to right


\oc[x] online color
\ow[x] change the width



\fs[x] change font size
\fn<x> change font name

\fb Bold
\fi italic
\fr reset



to make smaller message box.. use “plugin Command” type this

MessageRows x

example: MessageRows 5
make the rows turn into 5 .. it mean more line to type

MessageWidth x

example: MessageWidth 400
make the width turn into 400px


lets say we have 16 rows ( messageRows 16 )
the messagebox command still give you 4.. but the plugins ( Yanfly will read all and treat as one )


Text Option


\px[x] position X the next text
\py[x] position Y the next text


Actor Option

\af[x] face of actor x
\ac[x] class of actor x
\an[x] name of actor x


Party option


\pf[x] face of party position X
\pc[x] class of party position X
\pn[x] name of party position X


Database option

I suggest before using this.. you should try to management all your item, weapon, class etc.. for example.. put type of item healing (+HP) from id 1-10, buff from id 11-30 etc.. is helpfull if you have big game
then.. we use the option
the format

without icon with icon detail
\nc[x] class name
\ni[x] \ii[x] item name
\nw[x] \iw[x] weapon name
\na[x] \ia[x] armor name
\ns[x] \is[x] skill name
\nt[x] \it[x] state name


If you read and note this.. Note the important matter..
this plugin not make your game life.. but yourself that make your game more life.. the plugins help you to bring all your idea.
Some of us thinking.. we use this plugin to make my game more attractive.. NO.. don’t thinking like that.. Thingking what make my game atractive.. and see in the movie.. get idea.. and use that idea by install Yanfly plugins..

IDEA is something expensive you will have.. Plugins make that Idea comes into reality

btw.. don’t forget to subscribe ‘ Yanfly youtube channel ‘


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